Moss-Laden Walls: haiku and senryu


Haiku, the simple three-line form of Japanese poetry, has been seen from various perspectives — to convey an aesthetic image, appreciate nature and transience, and accept death in ourselves and everything around us. Haiku brings us the birth and end of each moment. Everything is stripped away to its naked state. In Japanese aesthetics, imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness are defined to express the beauty of arts. Moss represents one of the characteristics of wabi-sabi, adding simplicity, calm, age, and stillness to nature. Moss Laden Walls is a collection of haiku and senryu, which deal with every facet of life. Like the moss that grows in the wall crevices of old temples, abandoned homes, and burial places, these poems have the scent of poetic dampness in them.

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Hawakal Publishers

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15 August 2021

About Author

A nutritionist by profession, Teji Sethi transitioned from micronutrients to micro poetry. She now loves concocting a mix of emotions through her short verses. A poet at heart, she’s charmed by the beauty and musicality in nature. Teji’s bilingual poems in free-verse, haikai verse, and works of art have found a home in numerous national and international venues — The Kolkata Review, Under the Basho, Drifting Sands, Moonbathing Journal, Femku Mag, Humankind Journal, Cold Moon Journal, The Haiku Foundation, Ribbons – a Journal by Tanka Society of America, to name but a few. In addition, her haiku and senryu have won accolades and honorable mentions in Indian and International haiku contests. Teji’s debut collection of Hindi poems, Cotton Blooms — Kapaas Ke Phool, was published in 2019, with The Partition Museum of India awarding one of its creations. The literary piece was later translated into Punjabi and broadcasted over Radio Pakistan, Lahore. Her first haikai chapbook, Uncharted Roads, and a bi-lingual anthology of poems titled I am not enough to Know as an editor were released in January 2021. While most of her poems are a mélange of her experiences, the subject close to her heart is the narratives of the India-Pakistan Partition. Teji currently resides in Bangalore and freelances in creative writing.

Press Reviews

What a pleasure—each poem, each page unfolding the woman in her. Teji is a poet to the core and not just a poet but a kalakaar in every sense this beautiful word evokes. — Kala Ramesh


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