Hawakal’s logo was designed by renowned artist Hiran Mitra: slightly difficult to spell by people who are not Bengalis and pronounced ‘Hawakol’ (Hawa denotes air, Kol denotes device or mill, Hawakal or Hawakol means windmill), the word upholds the importance of the alternative source of energy.

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Book Lovers Speak

2 days ago
Raktim Bhattacharyya
(verified owner)

very good collection of stories relevant to our contemporary society

2 days ago
Raktim Bhattacharyya
(verified owner)

Can be more attractive and vivid

3 days ago
Kaushik Sen
(verified owner)

A milestone of Modern Bengali Poetry! A must read for the aspiring writers...

1 week ago
Animikh Patra
(verified owner)

World class production - there is absolutely nothing to complain. And Satchidanandan's poems can mesmerize any poetry-lover anywhere.

Our Authors Speak

Srividya Sivakumar talks at a TEDx event. Topic: Writing Revolt – Breaking Barriers One Word at a Time.
Watch Credos in Title Waves, Mumbai.
Vipul Rikhi reads from Bleed.
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Hawakal, founded by ace storyteller and translator Bitan Chakraborty, is the publishing partner of Ethos Literary Journal (ELJ), which is headed by Kiriti Sengupta

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