Kobi Joydeb Basur Mukhomukhi (কবি জয়দেব বসুর মুখোমুখি)

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অকাল প্রয়াত কবি জয়দেব বসুর সমস্ত সাক্ষাৎকারের সংকলন। কবির জীবন, দর্শন, রাজনৈতিক স্বচ্ছ ধারণার প্রতিফল এই গ্রন্থ।

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1 review for Kobi Joydeb Basur Mukhomukhi (কবি জয়দেব বসুর মুখোমুখি)

  1. Satyaban Roy

    Face to face with a poet may not be an extraordinary presentation in the pages of a periodical or little magazine. – Face to face with a poet living through the edges of partisan commitment, ocean of praxis and intra-party scars may perhaps be a subject with difference. A gulf of difference, even if I go for recalling the eminence of Subhash Mukherjee through his Chithir darpone (through mirror of letters), as there has been a lapse of period more than a generation’s time. Joydeb Basu whose early demise is as significant as his ordeal of living would certainly be recalled through his best poems and his polemic beyond poetry. Moreover, this well-knit publication from Hawakol – Kobi Joydeb Basu-r mukhomukhi (Face to face with the Poet Joydeb Basu) – will add to the documentation in Bangla comprising the viewpoint of art and poetry from a left-of-centre angle while unfurling the agony and ecstasy of practising poetry in a trying time. Hawakol deserves the credit of bringing a different arena to focus.

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