Oh Priest, Give Me The Seeded Banana!


Suburban regions shape tales, reiterating the marginal community’s harsh realities. In this collection, Naran, the young protagonist from the Sundarbans delta, is exposed to little-known facts. Around him, villagers demand the right to perform a religious masque, rituals, and practices to respond to the higher order. The village fair plays an integral part in conditioning his humaneness. Then there is the barber’s son from the village, who doesn’t revolt against his parent’s wishes but instead takes up the familial tradition. The Ebb and flow of tides appear strangely mysterious. And bantering between games tells a lot about the community. All such facets of undaunted peasantry life have been recounted through tales by Niranjan Mondal. Utterly remorseless in its depiction of the brutal and ruthless caste system, this book offers an insight into the lives of people who adhere to the notion of simplicity amidst such mundaneness and despair — celebrating life.

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12 January 2023


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