Opening Clouds Fermented Rain : Stories


The characters in Tabish’s stories are always exploring, always looking for something, sometimes a job in a war-torn nation to a useless movie ticket, a worm, someone separated, or lost time. They are always dissatisfied with their present, preoccupied with memories, finding them still sitting in their midst. There is also a mother figure, as an overarching presence, protecting and guiding the protagonists toward a meditation on the meaning of hardships, poverty, and life itself. The prose is lyrical and has a certain poetry to it. The description and dialogues are rich in metaphors. While the stories are physically located in the prose, they fly in the higher sky. The characters are most often solitary, and much of the conversation involves the settings, as if they too are characters, working on the psyche of the protagonists, making them locate their surroundings within themselves.

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Tabish Nawaz takes readers through a fascinating journey through the nebulous landscapes of lived experience, dreams and imagery, as all the while running beneath the surface, the strands of cultural memory and deep political understanding merge seamlessly.   Gautam Benegal

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10 August 2020

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Tabish Nawaz is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science and Engineering Department at IIT Bombay. He is passionate about water bodies, rain, trees, and birds and considers them as his kins and pals. His teaching, research, reading, and writing are attempts to bring unity with Nature. His essays and literary writings have appeared in The Punch Magazine, The Bangalore Review, Kritya, Spark Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, eFiction India, Temper Literary Review, Indian Review, among other places.


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