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“These stories are revelations in themselves. Real revelations! They mirror the middle and lower middle class Bengali populace. I’m impressed by their authenticity.”— Kiriti Sengupta

Shambhabi Imprint is all set to launch The Mark, a collection of seven short stories by Bitan Chakraborty and translated from their original Bengali by Utpal Chakraborty. The collection enables readers to identify the often ignored signs of the day-to-day living. It also allows them to revisit memories, resulting in revival of a few existential queries, buried in our hearts for years. Editor and poet Dustin Pickering comments in his foreword: “Bitan Chakraborty is in defiance of the postmodern tropes that rule conventional storytelling in contemporary fiction. The brilliance of his storytelling is he does not defy deconstruction, but rather elaborates on it thematically. The story begins and ends on the same note, with the same trouble. Yet the full picture does not emerge until we endure the story with the characters. We become participants or observers of the action as we pick through its details. Chakraborty is not reacting against postmodern philosophy—instead, he is revealing a visionary approach to solving the impasse of the narrator by letting the story tell itself as well as inviting the reader’s surprise.”

Pickering rightly points out: “Chakraborty’s stories also have their uniquely crafted style. They create microcosms within microcosms—as if each twist runs parallel to the opening—like planets revolving around the sun by the law of gravity.”

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Shambhabi – The Third Eye Imprint

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15 January, 2020

About Author

Bitan Chakraborty is best known as the founder of Hawakal Publishers. He is also an acclaimed story writer, translator, and editor of the Bengali print journal, Atibhuj. Heading one of the foremost independent presses in India, Chakraborty has finally been bestowed the title as one of “the flag-bearers of verse” in Indian subcontinent. As a proficient raconteur, Chakraborty has made a lasting impact with his collection of Bengali short fiction, Santiram-er Cha, which was later translated into English under the title, Bougainvillea and Other Short Stories. Having authored six collections of prose and poetry, Bitan Chakraborty emerges as an extremely talented littérateur of the present day.

About Translator

A teacher of English literature, translator, author of academic interest and bilingual poet Utpal Chakraborty is a regular contributor to leading Bengali and English magazines. His Concept, containing critical appreciations of prose and poetry, and his books on writing skill released by the Calcutta-based Nabodaya Publications have been well received by the teachers and the taught alike. Utpal’s Uranta Dolphin, an acclaimed collection of fifty-five Bengali poems, was published by Signet Press in 2018.

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