Sudeep Sen | Interviews (Selected Conversations & Interviews)

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Sudeep Sen: Interviews — a generous 352-page selection of the best conversations and interviews with the writer on his life and work, culled from over 30 years or so, which have appeared in newspapers, magazines and journals around the world. Leading international and national scholars, critics, writers and journalists have spoken to Sen in detail about the intricacies of his literary craft; about his preoccupations, interests and obsessions. Taken together, the book reveals the important interior spaces, and his creative and intellectual landscape of “one of India’s foremost poets.” Sudeep Sen is widely recognized as a major new generation voice in world literature.

“Writing poetry over so many decades in a world that values lucre over passion, fiction over poetry is an uphill task. To stick to a genre that does not easily find ready readership or publishers for the most part takes a mad kind of “courage” and a dogged “love [for] the art.” It is this that has allowed me to pursue poetry and all things related to poetry — the writing of it, translating, editing, publishing and supporting young writers. At the core of it, poetry gives me the greatest joy in my life,” writes Sen in the preface to the collection.

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26 February, 2020


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