The Inevitable Zero


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As the title suggests, The Inevitable Zero revolves around the zero (0). Is it merely a number? What else does the zero mean? The zero symbolizes nothingness as well as completeness. Much research has been done on its invention; but, we are yet to arrive at a conclusion as to who invented the zero. There has been much debate as to where the zero took birth. However, what do The Vedas say about it? Kaushik Acharya, author of the much acclaimed book, Mumuksha, has categorically documented the sources on the invention of the zero. Acharya, in this book, upholds The Vedas that bore several links and clues to the mysteries that surround the zero. The exploration will also enlighten the readers on how the people of the Vedic era found the nuances of self-realization through their tryst with the zero.

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24 September 2017

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Where would we be without the numbers? – Acharya makes us wonder. Is Zero merely a closed loop scribbled on paper? – The author challenges us. And then he begins to explain everything gradually, all the while quoting from The Vedas. The flow is never cluttered by the generous use of Sanskrit shlokas. Before we know we begin to understand that mathematics was never invented, it was merely discovered. We begin to bask in the realization that Mathematics is the one constant truth that has existed before us, before our forebears, before mother earth, before everything we know. Mathematics was there at the very beginning of time, hiding in the subatomic shell of singularity and it spread across the universe with the first lights of the Big Bang. Interestingly enough, the Hindus refer to the universe as Brahmanda – the egg of Brahma. According to The Vedas, Acharya reminds us, Brahma is the one true Almighty Creator. Cafe Dissensus


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