A Letterbox Across Time

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These poems open up a dialogic space at the intersection of the time and the timeless. As Eliot writes: “Only through time time is conquered.” Jena’s second collection of poems, A Letterbox Across Time, meditates on the mystery of existence and inaugurates directions to an unnameable elsewhere, which eludes discursive intellect. Jena, in his distinctive style and use of imagery, creates portraits that deepen the unsaid. One must undergo these truths to understand them in time as eternity.

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10 July 2020

2 reviews for A Letterbox Across Time

  1. Anonymous

    I love the poems in this collection because of an interesting medley of flavours. The preface is beautiful. It vouches for the sanctity of poetry and its all-encompassing nature. All sixty-three poems in “A Letterbox Across Time” are bound by a single thread – an intimate understanding of the ability to love. Just the ability, not necessarily its realisation. And that I feel is the most beautiful thing. Reading the book is a journey worth taking.

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  2. Anonymous

    The poems are succint and thoughtful with a great intensity of voice and a reflective melancholy which demands pondering.

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