Aching Sunsets and shimmering dawns

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Aching Sunsets and Shimmering Dawns is a collection of poems by Shruti Goswami, her third book touches on the various aspects and philosophies of life that we commonly experience but appreciate rarely. Like the exquisite sunsets and exotic dawns that saunter in our daily lives, we take little joys for granted and cry a river for the little sorrows that actually hone our souls. This poetry collection showcases various themes, from age-old collective wisdom to modern pressing issues like the pandemic, racism, pedophilia, gender discrimination, and the everlasting legacy of love. This collection wants the readers to appreciate the non-material things in life, which are far more gratifying than anything else. But the most important message at the end of each poem is not the philosophy itself but the positivity that we all need in an ever-changing and challenging world. The poems seek refuge in the bosom of its readers, where they might absorb and assimilate them and nurture them so that no matter what the situation is, they might rise above all of these and find hope, not just for themselves, but for the people that surround them.

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