Becomings: poems


Becomings manifests Aishwarya’s passionate love for words — the sound, texture, and weave of sentences and their myriad meanings. Short snippets of emotion torn apart from the fabric of language, relocated, displaced, dispersed, and repotted in a new clime is what she likes to experiment with while weaving new textiles. Each poem is replete with alliteration, and enjambments, endowing them with haunting lyricism. Becomings is an earnest attempt to capture the cosmic experience — the ebb and flow of order mingling into chaos, creation, and destruction, and recreating the symphony over and over again in the throes of perpetual becoming. It is a quest for finding meaning in one’s existence, queerness, love, longing, and exploration of the oneness of the universe.

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12 July 2022


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