Checklist Anomaly: gogyoshi

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When a noir runs across veins like a blade, a green burgeons, and rains fire on the streets. Everyone tries to find the chiaroscuro, constantly invaded by the blasting green. It involves lovers who meet in a food stall perched on a dingy street, betrayed cynics who wait at the platform called death, an unemployed youth who plays a tune to a stranger at the suicide forest in Japan, two astronauts who fall in love, and chrysanthemums which signs a treaty with a traitor in the dead of the night. The flashbacks in Patranabis’ noir gloriously die with an old midnight choir and find peace in a glass of wine by the bedside of a blind pianist. The anomaly of a Japanese form creates a continuum and breaks with a black hole that sits like a femme fatale in the heart of words, words, and words. In a snowclad nowhere-land rests a checkpost hugged by a bare tin wire and carries a certain overcoat containing a withered note of everything unsaid and undone. Checklist Anomaly is the requiem that Patranabis offers, the first-ever collection of gogyōshi written in English by an Indian poet.

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22 September 2023


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