Diacritics of Desire

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The untrammelled exuberance in Nikita Parik’s poetry leaves the reader a bit shaken, or at least shaking his head. One notices her delight in life, language, poetry, love, even in a guilty (?) drag at a cigarette in the dark. Gloom has not yet cast its dismal shadow on her verse. It comes across to me like a gust of breeze smeared with the fragrance of spring flowers. Her ‘language of longing’ lights ‘candles of meaning’ for her. She speaks, as a poet should, in images. A search in genealogies results in lines, ‘a lover tailing the backbone/of a new love in the dark.’

Keki N. Daruwalla 31 st March, 2019

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10 April 2019

3 reviews for Diacritics of Desire

  1. Sutanuka Ghosh Roy

    Loved the cover design by Bitan Chakraborty! Loved reading the lovely poems.

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  2. Bimal Parik


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  3. Prateek Joshi

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