Eternity Restoration Project

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New and collected poems by Kushal Poddar.

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Hawakal Publishers

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24 September 2018

Press Reviews

Kushal Poddar has rediscovered the language of magic. Language is not a rigid and singular entity. Just as it has space for various dialects, it also has space for various registers. In English there are definite registers for religious rituals, technical communication, legal correspondence, medical study, academic discourse, journalistic reportage, creative writing in various genres, and so on. To discover a new register is a challenge perhaps equal to that of creating a new symphony in music. Kushal Poddar has done exactly that. He has taken elements from the ancient gothic and put them in arrangements of the modern to derive a new composition, which forms the language of magic. And he has done so consistently. The poetry that we read in Eternity Restoration Project echoes the eternal because it has something that is there in our subconscious, the mystery and the awe, the fear and the agape. A poem may suddenly leap out of nowhere and go for the jugular like the lioness – perhaps that same lioness who is kept hungry all day and persuaded to do tricks in “Reading In-between” and you are asked to be her cub assuming she will not know the difference. Galatea Resurrects 2018

About Author

Compiling a book is different. Sometimes it has a theme- a way to flip the pages I have written and to pick similar themed works. I must add two more psychological things- I cannot edit my own poems after a certain period of time, and I cannot dare to go deep into that poem fearing it will yield something powerful to change the me I was at the time of writing it. Literature is about contradiction. I contradict myself often. I am a chameleon that at its core is the same but goes through different shades. A writer doesn’t even believe in himself often. How can he keep believing in the same faith, ideology or other forms of principles? One thing is guaranteed, I cannot endorse oppression or right wing practicing the same. Read more at The Bhubaneswar Review.


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