Scribbles of a Dying Witness


Being a witness is tricky when one’s being is constantly changing. The poems in this book have been written over ten years in four states and two countries. It presents a facet of Indian poetry in English where the focus is on the rural and semi-urban locales. Here the wind conjures up fairies in harvested fields, and crowded passenger trains do their best to give a good reputation to its kind. What happens when political ideologies fade and reappear in time? In the great drama of existence, the poems in this book shuttle between external reality and introspective subjectivity. They address the idea of home, life in rural India, all-encompassing technology, the nature of consciousness, and interpersonal relationships. As reality manifests its startling multiplicity, the sights, sounds, and visions are urgently scribbled by the witness whose consciousness is continuously changing, dying, and being born with every passing moment.

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4 April 2023


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