The Centaur Chronicles


The mythical creature whose upper half is that of a human and whose lower half is that of a horse has come to symbolise the conflict between the civilized and the wild within one’s consciousness as well as in society. In The Centaur Chronicles, Suhit Kelkar brings a contemporary eye to the age-old image of the centaur to illuminate the inner world of human beings, touching upon themes of alienation, yearning and self-exploration, among others.

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Hawakal Publishers

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1 July, 2018

Press Reviews

All the 22 poems in the book are written in unrhymed tercets, favoured by Dante and Petrarch in their longer works. In Kelkar’s book, they are unrhymed. This is clearly a part of the artistic stance of the poet, aligning himself to Western epic writers. To a careful reader, it is also a signal of the epic aspirations of the poet. Kelkar uses the apparatus of myth and mythology in a bid to conceal and also reveal. This technique comprises elaborate aesthetic callisthenics, which Kelkar performs with grace, leaving no doubt in the minds of his readers about why he was the winner of the 2018 US National Poetry Contest of the RaedLeaf Foundation.



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