Trigger Warning: poems of love and resistance

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Coming from a place of visceral experiences, Trigger Warning is an exercise in human catharsis. Meghna’s debut is built on the tensions of duality—of love and resistance through poems that resemble Plath-like confessions and throw light on mental health issues like depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, and CPTSD. The book explores the diminishing of identity that gets erased through abusive relationships. Through its contents, the poet comments upon the exploratory journey of understanding oneself—of unraveling the chaos within. At the same time, it also touches upon sensitive topics like childhood abuse and violence revolving around relationships.

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This book is an unfolding of battles, it is also a mark of triumph and ultimately. It is a testimony of hope despite everything. It is a contemporary voice that embodies much of the problems of the 21st century in pursuit of a deeper connection, one in which suffering finds comfort. Trigger Warning is a mix of free verse, haiku, and haibun. The reader gets to experience the sheer abandonment with which Meghna shapes her poems like little girls growing up to be strong women who find their voice and learn to love themselves, with tenderness and passion—the prologue to modern femininity.

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Hawakal Publishers

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16 August 2020

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Meghna Prakash is the founder of Poetry Dialogue, a platform that promotes daily poetry for the accessibility of poems and publishing opportunities. Meghna’s poetry has been published in several journals, including the Ethos Literary Journal, The Bengaluru Review, The Alipore Post, Ruptured Anthology, Scroll, Kritya Magazine, among others. She has performed in India, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Boston, and Bhutan. She has done performances for The American Centre, Kommune, Airplane Poetry Movement, Unerase Poetry, and at mental health and poetry festivals in India. Meghna is mental health, trauma, and peace activist.


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