Under the Tropic of Cancer


The Lumière could have brought the fragmented darkness together in the beginning. Because there is a crack in everything, and that’s precisely how the light gets in. Poetry can induce sedation in the form of elegy, myth, and voyage by capturing and grasping every nuance of reality and observation through tidal downpours. These are amassed only to fall apart and reform. In this process of rupture and annexation, a new body is formed that traverses from the creation of the world to the neon-stricken metropolis. Bishnupada Ray’s Under the Tropic of Cancer flows like an Akhtari raga and fuses into a Mozartesque opera. The book, which is rife with melody in prosaic and lyrical forms, fosters the reader to a gratifying examination of a state of being that permeates so much of our existence. Still, we frequently accept that with our eyes closed, so to speak.

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14 December 2023


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