Whispers in the Wind


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A romantic soul matures with age and experience. The soul attains the wisdom to see the flower in full bloom, understands the passion it manifests, and simultaneously, can see the withering destiny that awaits the flower.  We can replace the word ‘flower’ with other words like ‘life,’ or ‘lamp,’ but the meaning of this realization remains the same. Raja Chakraborty, in his latest collection of poems, Whispers in the Wind, has taken a path that was unheard of in his previous collection, Soup Bowl & Other Poems. In his new collection he has dived deep into his soul and showed a lot of courage to collect the darker truths that remained silent so far. These dark realities appear as voices—voices that could only be heard in the blowing wind. These are voices that talk in whispers. And herein lies their strength. They talk of light and peace and nirvana and love, but they also talk of darkness and loss and death. Voiced together, they glow with a genuine beauty that is profound and illuminating.

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The poems in this collection are impressions of a different sortsensitive, engaging, bruised, endearing, filling the vacant space of a large canvas. In these poems, Raja carries his affection for words, whisper to many, that makes readers understand suffering and joy like gospel flowing in the veins and arteries. Read the full review at Millennium Post


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