Wound is the Shelter: poems


Our evolution rises through interactions and societal frameworks. But not memories. Snapshots of both lived, and unlived experiences linger for long. Like memories veiled in a visage of a dove pleading birth or death, we as humans seek a vulnerable shelter to rest or leave behind. That is what empathy beholds. We speak up in response to what others say. After all, who was the first to speak? We receive our names even before we know them; many of us get christened as infants; we meet others, form friendships, and fall in love. However, it is the shelter we seek through ailments, agony, personal cataclysms, and other scars. In Wound is the Shelter, Angshuman Kar portrays a universe ushered in with archaic and modern scars amid a cataclysmic-exposed vacuum.

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24 June 2023


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