In Absentia


Intensely personal, these poems arise from deep grief. Like everyone else, the author has experienced the loss of loved ones; these poems are about the pain of such loss. They are about the longing for the bodily form, the desolation at the realization that memories cannot always heal and are never enough. As the title suggests, the poems acknowledge the presence of absences in one’s life—absences that define reality and decide the paths taken by those left behind. This reality is primarily grim and bleak, yet a specific strength can be discerned from how reality is confronted. Do people endure in the minds and hearts of those that remain on earth? In Absentia is about motherhood and the loss of identity and selfhood when a mother loses her child—her existential despair at the meaninglessness of life and her questioning the purpose of her existence.

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2 June, 2021

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Swati Pal, Professor, and Principal, Janki Devi Memorial College (DU), has been an educator for the last twenty-seven years. A Charles Wallace and John McGrath Theatre Studies Scholar, she is the author of books on theatre, creative and academic writing. She is the Vice-Chair of the Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies (IACLALS). Swati has presented her research work within and outside the country and has received several awards. Her newspaper articles articulate her views on education and her research in drama. She translates from Hindi to English. 


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