Reflections on Salvation

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In this new genre of ‘Flash Wisdom’ this book takes us gently and boldly into everyday life to scrutinize the beliefs we work out of, often with a touch of ironic humor that leads us to laugh at our foibles and brings us into a deeper understanding of what salvation might mean today.

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1 review for Reflections on Salvation

  1. Jayati Mukherjee

    Writing about someone’s creation, is indeed a tough task. When an individual creates something with his words or with the strokes of his paint brushes or with his voice modulation or whatsoever mode he prefers, I feel he tries to reflect on & express his ‘inner me’ – his way of looking lives.

    We often fall in the trap of judging others’ views and labelling them as ‘Good, Bad, Right, Wrong’. I feel such judgements are very relative in nature and vary from person to person, incident to incident and situation to situation. Reader has every right to agree or disagree with the author. However, the credibility of the author is appreciated when he compels his readers to reflect on their thought processes & actions and establish the connect.

    Author Mr. Kiriti Sengupta here, in his book ‘Reflection on Salvation’, tries to find out the significance of many eternal truths – mentioned in our age-old ‘Geeta’ and in other ancient books – in context of our today’s life. Words like ‘salvation’, ‘reincarnation’ may sound really heavy to some Gen Y members. Now a days when we are engrossed in the rat race of life, we hardly get time & scope to think deep. ‘Speed’ is the new mantra of life, thus gives birth of superficiality. Forget about ‘Reincarnation’ & ‘Salvation’, even if we are asked about why human beings are named as ‘human’, we might think a lot; some of us may refer to the evolution of mankind or may land up with Britannica. Exploring the possibility of human beings having humane nature as one of the options may not ring the bell.

    Such books, which make us think deeply and connect with our lives at the larger context, in it’s free-flowing language without compromising with its depth, really need applauds and worth reading.
    Happy Reading !!

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