The Anatomy of Solitude


Sketching the beauty of living and interpreting human struggles leads many to explore the middle path. The protagonists in most of the poems in The Anatomy of Solitude face the melancholy and deal with trauma, tears and travesty of loss. One can embrace solitude as the last refuse to enliven oneself. The poet offers life a new lease and heralds a new message to fight back all odds. Poems in this collection dawn a new social order altogether.

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28 June, 2019


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The protagonists in the majority of the poems face the glum and deal with trauma, tears, and a charade of loss. Nonetheless, some poems offer a new lease of life with respect to the numerous struggles and send out a new message to fight back all the odds of existence. While doing so, the poet perceives a ‘new social order’ through some of his prose-poems which are contingent upon the spirit of living. Odisha Plus


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